Friday, June 28, 2019

Free Friday - Google Family Link

It's Friday again!

Today's free stuff is going to be a bit unusual for me. Those of you who know me are aware that I frequently complain about a lack of privacy and have been known to leave electronic devices at home because I don't want to be tracked. I don't have Facebook on my phone. My privacy rants are rather long. Yet, there's my smart phone.

That said, there is room for concern when it comes to parental concerns over their children on the internet on their devices. It's important to know how they are using their phones and tablets.

Sometimes Google gets it right. They developed Family Link to help parents monitor what's going on between kids and their devices. It helps them control the devices and assists parents in teaching their kids to develop healthy relationships with electronic media.

Parents can view their kid's screen time and manage their apps. You pick what they can download and what they can spend on in-app purchases. You can also hide specific apps that they are not to use. You can also pre-approve apps and view recommended apps for kids that come from reputable sources. You can set time limits and lock the device.

Tracking is also something that Google's Family Link does. This one kind of made me wince because it's what I dislike the most. But, I understand a parent who wants to use it. It's a safety thing.

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