Tuesday, September 19, 2017

CCleaner Compromised by Malware

If you use CCleaner, update to the latest version. From Bleeping Computer:

In an email to Bleeping Computer, Avast CTO Ondrej Vlcek said that updating CCleaner to the most recent recent versions fixes any issues, as "the only malware to remove is the one embedded in the CCleaner binary itself."

The malware is only executed if the application is run on the administrative account level. That should leave out non-rooted Android phones, but it's always a good idea to update anyway. Avast (the giant security company) bought out Piriform (the original owners of CCleaner) in July of this year.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Free Friday! Zero Dollar Movies

What could be better than two hours of Betty Boop Cartoons?

I found it by using Zero Dollar Movies. It's an awesome little website that scours YouTube for free movies in different "languages". Okay, Bollywood is not a language, it's a category, but that's what the drop-down list specifies. I selected English. I jumped on two hours of Betty Boop. Awesome. You have a choice of watching the movie of your choice sandboxed on the Zero Dollar Movies website or on YouTube.

There's a wealth of Bollywood movies too!


Friday, September 8, 2017

Freebie Friday! Print Friendly

Ever come across a page that you need to print out (recipes/instructions/patterns/etc), but there are so many elements that it looks like a carnival threw up on the web site? Never fear, Print Friendly & PDF is here to save the day. Print Friendly & PDF optimizes the page(s) you want to print by taking out the junk, but leaving in the important bits you need. It creates an editable, savable PDF file with links. It's very easy to use. Just copy the URL of the web site you want to print or convert to a PDF document, paste it into the Preview box at Print Friendly & PDF and click. To remove elements that you don't want, click on them and they disappear.

Turn this:

Into this:

Then hit print! No muss, no fuss.

If you find yourself using the site frequently, you can add the browser extensions for all the major browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc.). Alternately you can drag and drop a bookmarklet to your favorite bar that enables you to produce a printable PDF with one click on any web page. There is also a paid version of Print Friendly for business web sites.

The next time you want to simplify the printed page, head on over to Print Friendly & PDF!

Enjoy your weekend!