Friday, May 10, 2019

It's Friday and time for something free! Today, it's a great website for kids.

I'm not sure how many people know about the odd problem that YouTube had a while ago with kid's videos. It was a strange one. Mixed in with perfectly ordinary kid videos were bizarre Elsa/Spiderman/Joker/Etc videos with adult themes of self-harm, inappropriate toileting, strange pregnancy and sexual innuendo. YouTube has tried to slap down the offenders, but the videos are still popping up occasionally on the YouTube Kids feeds.

The feeds are auto-generated by an algorithm rather than curated by humans, so yeah, that's going to happen. Parents have to be super aware of what their kids are watching on YouTube Kids because it can get weird really fast when it moves to the next video on auto-play.

This site is the remedy to that. The Kid Should See This is an awesome site with all kinds of educational and fun videos curated by real humans.

You can hoover over any of the categories at the top and you will be treated to a drop down of a few videos in that category. Click on it and see a plethora of educational and fun videos like "Playing Piano Under A Sleeping Cat" in the music category.

Clicking on Random is also fun.

There are also curated collections by the staff. They include topics like Legos, The Human Body and Poop (but not the inappropriate kind as above).

Or just click on the first link you come to and follow the links below.

I watched "The Very Hungry Maggot" thinking that if I was going to get something that kids would like, it would be this. Yep, starts out with puppies as a sort of eye-bleach at the beginning and then you go to a lab dealing with the food-chain. We eat chicken, maggots eat our food waste and chickens eat maggots. Beautifully explained with squiggly, wriggly maggots.

The ads are small and unintrusive. Clicking on one, even by accident will not result in unintended consequences.

Give the site a try. Hand it to your kid on your tablet, laptop or even your phone. It's really cool.

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