Friday, February 22, 2019

It's Friday! Smash!

It's Friday and I found a nifty freebie for you!

Have you ever wanted to send a large file to someone but your email service shook a finger and said, "No-no-no!" We've all been there.

That's where Smash comes in. It's a file sharing service with no file size limits. It's also anonymous. There's no registration required. It's a simple site to use. The files stay on the site for 14 days - Plenty of time for retrieval. You can also password protect your files. Recipients can preview the content type of the files before they download.

There are also no ads on the site. That made me side-eye a bit, but they offer a premium service (that's dead cheap) to continue hosting content for retrieval for 1 year. It also offers a customized, branded service with prioritized routing and a tracking and history dashboard. That explains the lack of ads. A site that's crammed full of ads rarely grabs the attention of people who want customized services.

Smash is one for the bookmarks for sure.

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