Friday, August 18, 2017

Freebie Friday!

Today's free software is an excellent replacement for any browser that you might be using. I tested Brave Browser out this week and liked it quite a bit. The video from Brave describes it accurately. There are a few essential extensions built into Brave like the ad blocking/ad permission/content creator payment feature.

The content creator payment feature is perhaps my favorite feature. This is the most radical part of the internet right now and it is awesome. People who are being censored by the large companies like Twitter, Google (YouTube/AdSense/Etc) and Facebook are now reliant on direct payments through various means. Brave is just one of the fantastic companies working through the thorny problem of censorship online. You can deny ads that are obnoxious/offensive, permit them when you want to support a creator, and/or support a content creator directly.

There a few password extensions like LastPass, 1Pass, bitwarden and Dashlane. Pinterest and Pocket also show up in the extensions. One of them, Honey (a coupon clipper) seems a bit spammy, but I'm always suspicious of coupon extensions since I've removed so many of them as malware. (The reviews for the Honey extension seem to be okay on various sites.) There are also extensions for natively viewing torrent and PDF files.

You can disable all of the built in extensions, but not remove all of them. I wasn't happy with not being able to remove the extensions I didn't like, but most people will probably be okay with simply disabling the extensions they don't want to use. It's simple.

Brave Browser is configurable, but not confusing. It's easy to import bookmarks and settings from other browsers. It's an ideal web browser for people who don't want to do much in the way of customizing. It's very simple to just download and hit the sites you want to visit with no muss and no fuss.

Go ahead and give it a try!

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