Monday, December 29, 2014

Code Name Spartan

Although Internet Explorer receives criticism as big as Microsoft itself, the fact is that people who know nothing else about their computers know about the ubiquitous blue 'e'. It's an electronic lighthouse, a point of reference in the strange, unfathomable sea called Internet. And it's being replaced.

It's not going actually going away, but there will be a new default browser shipping with Windows 10. Code-named Spartan, it's scheduled to debut Fall 2015. Banish from thought any images of Leonidas booting the famous blue e over the edge of a bottomless pit ("This. Is. MICROSOFT!"), and get ready to meet the new boss. Time will tell if it's the same as the old boss.

You can read more about Spartan at Mashable:
Report: Windows 10 will have a new browser that's not Internet Explorer

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